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Document How can I change my address after placing my order?

You can make any changes needed in your address up to one hour after your order placement.

There are 3 ways to modify your shipping address:

1) In your L'Occitane online account. To modify your address, log in to your account, and under “My Summary” > “My Recent Purchase”, you will see the option "Update Shipping Address".

2) You will also be able to click the option "Modify Shipping Address" in your order confirmation email.

These links will not be available if one hour has passed since you placed your order.

3) You may call our Customer Care team at 1-877-212-0238 immediately. We are unable to make any order changes after the one-hour time frame has passed.

Customers are responsible for verifying their shipping information before completing their orders. We are not responsible for packages going to an incorrect address.

Additionally, we recommend entering the billing and shipping address to the express payment method (Apple Pay, Amazon, or PayPal) prior to placing your order for a smooth, seamless shopping experience.


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